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Gun Metal

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Modsticks Pro are a fully adjustable professional upgrade for your modded Xbox 360 controller. Made from a solid block of CNC T6 billet aluminum these joysticks provide an epic look and feel. Modsticks Pro will hold up to the most rigorous gamers. All parts are interchangeable between different colored kits.


Modsticks Pro Hardcore joysticks with adjustable height and interchangeable top grips includes hardware spacers.

Steady Aim - By increasing the height of the joystick you gain a mechanical advantage over standard controllers. The joystick movements will feel very precise even on high sensitivity settings.

Max Travel - 20% MORE TRAVEL. The stem of the joysticks are made much more narrow than a standard joystick giving the controller a greater range of movement. (Most games this will give your player faster rotation without increasing your controllers sensitivity.)

Modsticks Pro D Pad - With an optional toggle stick mount in the center of the D Pad you can make instant D pad selections with a snap of your thumb.


  • 2x Aluminum Dome Base
  • 2x Aluminum Dish Top Grips
  • Modsticks Pro D-Pad
  • D-Pad Analog Stick
  • Modsticks T8 Security Wrench
  • Philips Screw driver for D-Pad
  • Allen Key
  • 6x Steel Threaded Set Screws (3 short, 3 long)
  • 6x Aluminum Spacers (1mm, 2mm, 3mm)
  • 2x Steel Philips Screws for D-pad

** You have to open your Xbox 360 controller to install the Mod Sticks Pro. This will require removing 7 screws and about 5 min of work. The controller is not included with the kit.