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Combo Breaker 2022

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Authentic Nintendo Quality

Our professional technicians start with original Nintedno Switch Pro controllers, fresh out of the box. It goes through our insane customization process where we add all your options including paint, buttons, Chaos Tags, and custom graphics.

Finally it passes through a rigorous inspection before being boxed up and shipped out.

Near Limitless Customization

Express yourself with a truly one-of-a-kind custom controller from Controller Chaos! More premium options will be released soon such as, gamertags, splatter, new paint options, custom graphics, and butoon color options.

You can even go a step further with custom splatter effects, personalized names, and custom Chaos Tag graphics! Proud of what you've made? Be sure to click the camera icon and share your controller with your friends!


Our Authentic Nintendo Switch Pro custom controllers are compatible with the any game that current allows the usage of the Pro Controller on the Nintendo Switch! Switch up your style and Elevate your game today!

Next-Level Customer Support

Controller Chaos has your back. Our support page has helpful videos for every mod and every controller, along with pictures and written instructions so you're never in the dark. We even have speed charts for the latest games so you can dial in the destruction on your controller. Still need some help with your mods? Talk to a live human being by calling our support line at 1-800-790-7592, during business hours, for immediate assistance.

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Combo Breaker 2022$159.98
5 stars based on review 
Hong Kong
I would recommend to a friend
Received exactly what they advertised 5 I was disappointed with the lack of reviews, so hopefully this one will be posted and can help. The title of this review might seem ridiculous to say, but it really is refreshing to receive a product from an online store that is exactly how it's advertised on the site.
This is an authentic Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with a customised paint job. The finish on the paint is great, and feels similar to the finish on Joy-cons. The paint doesn't feel 'thick' and there are no bubbles or flaking (yet... I'm sure my sweat might change that down the line). The silhouettes and patterns are sharp and crisp, but the lettering for "Nintendo Switch" is a little bit wonky with some strange bleeding on the H of Switch. This is not really noticeable unless you really look closely...
Packing was fine, you get the controller in its original packaging and it's packed in a slightly bigger box for transit.
Pros:-Custom paint feels natural
-Patterns and designs have good definition
-Quick delivery
Cons:-Slight bleeding on font
-Found some areas with dust grain under the paint (mainly on the back panel)
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