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No Scope

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Description:The patent-pending NO SCOPE applies easily to any screen or monitor and allows gamers the freedom of shooting from the hip with sniper-like accuracy while playing first-person shooter video games. First-person shooters allow gamers to "scope in," imposing a tighter, tunnel-vision-like view of the game with enhanced crosshairs for better shooting accuracy--the NO SCOPE eliminates the tight views and tunnel vision by giving the gamer a crosshair decal that remains on the screen during regular gameplay with an unhindered view.

* Decal applies directly to TV screen.
* Works for all First Person Shooter games.
* Contains 5 reusable decals.
* Will not ruin TVs, LCD or Plasma Monitors.
* Shoot with accuracy, even with the game's zoom function turned off!

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Our Price:$9.98
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