Welcome to the world of modded controllers! This page is dedicated to help you understand the common questions and concerns related to modded controllers. We understand that it maybe frustrating when your child is speaking in a different language regarding our products.

Below is common terminology and questions that you or your child may have.

Common Terminology

Modded Controllers - Original Microsoft or PlayStation controllers that have been modified visually and functionality wise.

Rapid Fire - The process of speeding the rate of fire of weapons within the game via a special microchip installed within the controller.

Add-On Mods - Further functionality that is added to the rapid fire microchip. Add-Ons are game specific and perform certain functions within the game more efficiently.

Controller Options - These options customize the look and feel of the controller visually. Items such as the thumbsticks for example can be upgrade to various colors.

Rapid Fire Options - All of our controllers have an optional rapid fire feature that you can select as an added controller feature

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Are modded controllers legal?

Absolutely - Microsoft and Sony are only concerned with modded consoles which allow end users to play pirated games. When it comes to controllers, game publishers and hardware vendors such as Microsoft and Sony do not have an issue.

Why can't I purchase these controllers at major retailers?

Modded controllers are highly customized to perform specific function for the end user. Big box stores such as Best Buy are not able to provide the extensive customization that we offer here at Controller Chaos.

How do modded controllers work?

Our professionally trained technicians install a microchip inside an orginal Microsoft or Sony controller. This chip simulates the trigger being pulled at the fastest rate that the game allows. In turn the weapons within the game fire faster than is humanly possible.

Why does my child need a modded controller?

Our controllers allow your child to have an edge over their competition when playing online as well as a visually personalized one of a kind XBOX or PlayStation controller.

Will your controllers become obsolete over time?

Our controllers are specifically designed so that they do not become obsolete and will not require updates. All our controllers feature an adjustable rapid fire mode which can be tuned to all future games with ease.

Do you use original controllers?

We use brand new Microsoft and Sony controllers purchased directly from the manufacture.

Why are modded controllers so expensive?

Typically a brand new controller from Microsoft and Sony retails for $59.98. We take that original controller and modify it visually and functionality wise which requires trained technicians who manually disassemble and reassemble the final product. The added parts and labor add to the final product cost.

What kind of warranty do you offer on your product?

Controller Chaos offers a 60 day warranty which covers parts and labor. You can extend your warranty to 1 year for an additional cost of $9.98.

What is your return policy?

Controller Chaos offers a 60 day warranty which covers parts and labor. You can We offer a 7 day return policy from the time your controller is delivered. If you are not fully satisfied with the product return it within that time period for a refund.

Is Controller Chaos a legitimate business?

Controller Chaos is a registered business in the state of Missouri. Our operating hours are from 9AM-5PM CST, Monday-Friday excluding national holidays.