Straw Hat Pirates (XBE)


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"Over 3 million possibilities, now you are in complete control of your design."

Put your personality and style into every game you play!

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Begining of something great

Our professional technicians start with an original Sony Dualshock 4 controller, then disassembled and prepared for the paint application process.

Every product is hand crafted by our elite team of airbrush artist and clear coat specialists

Precision and Quality

The tools of the trade

Wether a technician is assembling a controller or an artist is paintng a product to the customer specifications, only the industries leading technology and devices are used to ensure the highest quality custom controllers on the market to date.

Build. Test. Ship.

By gamers, for gamers

Each product is hand assembled, using all of the original internals that where removed at the time of disassembly. Hardware and cosmetic upgrades are applied at this time by our professionally trained technicians.

Every controller is tested rigorously on today’s hottest titles before leaving our facilities in St. Louis, MO.

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