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PS4ChromeChromeChromeChrome (Official)Chrome Black (2013)Chrome Black (Twist-Up D-Pad)Chrome BlueChrome BlueChrome BlueChrome Blue (Official)Chrome Blue EditionChrome Blue EditionChrome Blue EditionChrome ColorsChrome ColorsChrome EditionChrome EditionChrome EditionChrome GoldChrome GoldChrome GoldChrome Gold (Official)Chrome Gold EditionChrome Gold EditionChrome Gold Edition Chrome Gold Pack-A-PunchChrome Gold SplatterChrome Gold SplatterChrome Gold SplatterChrome GreenChrome GreenChrome Green EditionChrome Green EditionChrome PurpleChrome PurpleChrome Purple EditionChrome Purple EditionChrome RedChrome RedChrome RedChrome Red (Official)Chrome Red EditionChrome Red EditionChrome Red EditionClear EditionClear Thumbsticks + Torx T8 SecurityCode RedCode RedCode Red - FusionCode Red DomeCombo Breaker 2016Combo Breaker 2016Combo Breaker 2016Compatible GamesContactContact Us FormController ChaosController Chaos Coupon CodesController Chaos Reviews Covert Forces (Limited Edition)CreeperCreeperCreeperCreeperCrimson BurnerCrimson BurnerCrimson BurnerCrimson BurnerCustom Advanced Warfare ControllersCustom Blood Splatter Controllers Custom Controller ContestCustom ControllersCustom Controllers Custom Controllers - 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Limited EditionGift CardsGlory WarGlory WarGoldGoldGold DomeGoldenEye EditionGoldenEye Edition Green Army MenGreen BirdsGreen Braided 10ft Micro USBGreen Crazy SkullzGreen Crazy SkullzGreen DragonGreen GanjaGreen GanjaGreen GanjaGreen Hades SkullsGreen InfernoGreen Mr. Nice GuyGreen Predator Green Predator Green Sparkle CrushGreen Sparkle SplatterGreen Sparkle TigerGreen SplatterGreen SplatterGreen SplatterGreen SplatterGreen Splatter Green Thumbsticks + Torx T8 SecurityGreen Tiger CamoGreen Tiger CamoGreen ZombiesGreen ZombiesGreen ZombiesGreen ZombiesGrey TyphoonGrey TyphoonGun MetalGun MetalGun Metal DomeGun Metal FusionGun RunnerGun RunnerGun RunnerGun RunnerGunmetalGunmetal EditionH20 DeliriousH20 DeliriousH20 DeliriousH20 DeliriousHades SkullsHades SkullsHades SkullsHalloween 2014Halloween 2014Halloween 2014Halloween 2014Halloween 2015Halloween 2015Halloween 2015Halloween 2015Halloween 2015 Custom Controllers - Controller ChaosHalloween Airbrush Artist Face-OffHalo 3 Covenant Halo 4 ForerunnerHalo 4 UNSCHalo 5: Guardians (Limited Edition)Halo 5: Master Chief (Limited Edition)Hard WoodHard WoodHard WoodHead ShotHeavy ArmorHeavy RainHeisenbergHeisenbergHeisenbergHigh RollerHigh RollerHulk Hulk EditionHulk EditionI AM WILDCATI AM WILDCATI AM WILDCATI Made This (Limited Edition)IamFallFromGraceIamFallFromGraceIamFallFromGraceIamFallFromGraceInfernoInfernoInfernoInfernoinstagramInstructionsIntergallacticIron ManIron Man EditionIron Man EditionIron Man Edition KittyKittyKodi Brown EditionKodi Brown EditionKodi Brown EditionKodi Brown EditionKontrolFreekKontrolFreekKontrolFreekKontrolFreek UltraKontrolFreek UltraKontrolFreek UltraLabor Day 2015Lamarr WillsonLamarr WilsonLamarr WilsonLamarr WilsonLegendary SpartanLegendary SpartanLegendary SpartanLegendary SpartanLimited EditionLimited EditionLimited EditionLimited EditionLimited EditionLimited Edition ControllersLittle SkullzLittle SkullzLivid LavendarLivid LavenderLivid LavenderLivid LavenderLos Santos VLos Santos VLos Santos VLos Santos VMachine SilverMachine SilverMachine SilverMachine SilverMachine SilverMachine SilverMachine SIlverMachine Silver – DomeMachine Silver FusionMad MagentaMad MagentaMad MagentaMad MagentaMagnetoMagneto EditionMagneto EditionMail In TestMandarin HexMatte BlackMatte BlackMatte BlueMatte BlueMatte ColorsMatte ColorsMatte ColorsMatte Dark BlueMatte GreenMatte GreenMatte Light BlueMatte Lime GreenMatte OrangeMatte OrangeMatte OrangeMatte PinkMatte PinkMatte PinkMatte PurpleMatte PurpleMatte PurpleMatte RedMatte RedMatte RedMatte WhiteMatte WhiteMatte WhiteMatte YellowMatte YellowMaximum EffortMaximum EffortMaximum EffortMaximum EffortMCC-117Memorial Day Weekend Sale 2016Metallic GoldMetallic Steel JungleMetallic Steel JungleMetallic Steel JungleMetallic Steel JungleMickeyMidnight BlueMidnight BlueMidnight BlueMidnight BlueMidnight BlueMidnight BlueMidnight BlueMidnight Blue DomeMidnight Blue FusionMidnight Forces (Limited Edition)Midnight TagMidnight TagMidnight TagMidnight TagMisc AccessoriesMisc AccessoriesMiscellaneous ModsModded ControllersModded Controllers Black Friday DealsModded XBOX 360 ControllersModern Warfare 3Modstick Pro TriggersModsticks ABXY ButtonsModsticks ABXY ButtonsModsticks LiteModSticks Lite BlackModSticks Lite BlueModSticks Lite ChromeModSticks Lite GreenModSticks Lite Light BlueModSticks Lite RedModsticks ProModsticks ProModsticks ProModsticks ProModsticks Pro GripsModSticks Pro Kit - GoldModSticks Pro Kit - OrangeMoonlight OasisMoonlight OasisMoonlight OasisMoonlight OasisMuddy Girl CamoMuddy Girl CamoMultiCamMultiCamMultiple Credit Card Order - Phone Order My PortalN7 CarbonN7 CarbonN7 CarbonN7 CarbonNeon LeopardNeon LeopardNeon LeopardNeon LeopardNeon PlungeNeon PlungeNeon PlungeNeon PlungeNeon PlungeNevada SilverNew Era Stretch Fit CapNintendo ControllersNo ScopeNuke TownNuke TownNuke2065Nuke2065Nuke2065Nuke2065Obsidian HexObsidian HexObsidian HexObsidian HexObsidian HexOffical Combo Breaker Limited EditionOil Field CamoOrange Army MenOrange FallOrange FallOrange SplatterOrange SplatterOrange Tiger CamoOrange Tiger CamoOrder StatusOriginal ColorsOriginal ColorsOriginal ColorsOriginal ColorsPack A PunchPaisley PowerPaisley PowerParentsPatriot EditionPayoutPayoutPayPal ShoppersPeace MakerPeace MakerPearl Blue MarblePearl Blue SplatterPearl Blue ZombiesPearl PassionPearl PassionPearl PassionPearl PassionPearl Pixie DustPearl Pixie DustPearl Pixie DustPearl Pixie DustPearl Red MarblePearl Red ZombiesPenalty Kick EditionPenalty Kick EditionPenalty Kick EditionPenalty Kick EditionPinkPink CamoPink CamoPink Thumbsticks + Torx T8 SecurityPink Tiger CamoPink Tiger CamoPirates BootyPlayaPlayaPlayaPlayaPlaya SEPlaya Special EditionPlaystation 3 ModsPlayStation 3 SupportPlaystation 4 ModsPlayStation 4 SupportPositively Pink - Breast Cancer AwarenessPositively Pink - Breast Cancer AwarenessPositively Pink - Breast Cancer AwarenessPositively Pink - Breast Cancer AwarenessPound EditionPrecious MetalsPredatorPro Gaming GlassesPS3 & PS4 Controllers PS3 - Blood Splatter DealPS3 - Blue Tiger DealPS3 - Blue Zombies DealPS3 - Green Tiger DealPS3 - Orange Tiger DealPS3 - Pink Tiger DealPS3 - Playa DealPS3 - Red Tiger DealPS3 - Red Zombies DealPS3 - White Tiger DealPS3 - Yellow Tiger DealPS3 AccessoriesPS3 Controller Chaos Brand ThumbsticksPS3 Custom Controller CasePS3 Custom ControllersPS4 AccessoriesPS4 Controller StandPS4 Custom Controller CasePS4 Custom ControllersPS4 HDD Cover "Amped"PS4 HDD Cover "Biohazard"PS4 HDD Cover "Bomber"PS4 HDD Cover "Endless"PS4 HDD Cover "Limited"PS4 HDD Cover "Rasta"PS4 HDD Cover "USA"Pure WoodPure WoodPure WoodPure WoodPurewoodPurplePurple Angry BirdsPurple HazePurple HazePurple HazePurple HazePurple HazePurple HazePurple HazePurple HazePurple HazePurple Haze DomePurple Haze FusionPurple SplatterPurple SplatterPurple Thumbsticks + Torx T8 SecurityPurple Tiger CamoPurple Tiger CamoPurple ZombiesPurple ZombiesPurple ZombiesPurple ZombiesQuick ShipQuick Ship Test Item 1Quick Ship Test Item 3Quick Ship Test Item TwoRampage SERaptorRastaRastaRastaRastaRasta EditionRasta SplatterRasta SplatterRcade FreekReaper SkullsRechargable Battery PackRechargable Battery PackRedRedRed Angry BirdsRed Army MenRed Carbon CrushRed Carbon CrushRed Carbon CrushRed Crazy SkullzRed Crazy SkullzRed FallRed FallRed FlameRed FlameRed InfernoRed MarbleRed PredatorRed PredatorRed Predator Red RocketRed SplatterRed SplatterRed SplatterRed SplatterRed SplatterRed Thumbsticks + Torx T8 SecurityRed TigerRed TigerRed TigerRed Tiger CamoRed Tiger Camo Red TrollfaceRed ZebraRed ZebraRed ZombiesRed ZombiesReefer MadnessRetro RebelRetro RebelRetro RebelRetro RebelRuby HexRuby HexRuby HexRuby HexRush ProcessingSavage OrchidSavage OrchidSavage OrchidSavage OrchidSearchShipping InfoSilver Carbon FiberSilver Carbon FiberSite MapSnake SkinSnake SkinSnakeskin FadeSnakeskin FadeSnakeskin FadeSnakeskin FadeSONY DualShock 4 - BlackSONY DualShock 4 - BlueSONY DualShock 4 - RedSONY DualShock 4 - WhiteSpeed FreekSpider-Man EditionSpider-Man EditionSpider-Man EditionSpidermanSpongebobSpongeBobSSSniperWolfSSSniperWolfSSSniperWolfSSSniperWolfSSSniperWolf Custom Controllers - Controller Chaos St. Patrick's Day SaleStealth BlackStealth BlackStealth BlackStealth BlackStealth BlackStealth BlackStealth BlackStealth Black – FusionStealth Black - DomeStealth SpartanStealth SpartanStealth SpartanStealth SpartanSticker JunkieSticker JunkieSticker JunkieSticker JunkieSticker JunkieStormtrooper EditionStormtrooper EditionSubzero HexSubzero HexSubzero HexSubzero HexSunrise GraffSunrise GraffSunrise GraffSunrise GraffSuper Smash Bros: BowserSuper Smash Bros: Captain FalconSuper Smash Bros: LinkSuper Smash Bros: Megaman Super Smash Bros: MetroidSuper Smash Bros: PikachuSuper Smash Bros: RosalinaSuper Smash Bros: SonicSuper Smash Bros: StarFoxSupermanSuperman EditionSuperman EditionSuperman EditionSupport PageSurge Comeback EditionSurge Comeback EditionSurge Comeback EditonSynergy HexSynergy HexSynergy HexSynergy HexTag TestTag Test PS3Tamiya BlueTamiya BlueTamiya BlueTamiya BlueTamiya BlueTamiya BlueTamiya BlueTamiya Blue DomeTamiya Blue FusionTara BabcockTara BabcockTara BabcockTara BabcockTask ForceTask ForceTask ForceTask ForceTeal Pack-a-PunchTeal Pack-a-PunchTeal Pack-a-PunchTeal Pack-a-PunchTequila SunriseTequila SunriseTequila SunriseTequila SunrisetestTest XB1The Ashen OneThe Ashen OneThe Ashen OneThe Ashen OneThe Cartel SEThe Green MonsterThe Green MonsterThe PatriotThe PatriotThe PatriotThe PatriotThe Slap TrainThe Slap TrainThe Slap TrainThe Slap TrainThe Slap Train Custom Controllers - Controller ChaosThug Life SEThumbsticksTIE FighterTIE FighterTIE FighterTIE FighterTitanfall (Limited Edition) TitaniumTitaniumTomb Raider Touchdown EditionTouchdown EditionTouchdown EditionTouchdown EditionToxic GreenToxic GreenToxic GreenToxic GreenToxic GreenToxic GreenToxic GreenToxic Green DomeToxic Green FusionTransforming D-PadTravel LimitersTrident 3-1Trident 3-1Trident 3-1Trident 3-1Trigger StopsTrippy HippyTrippy HippyTrippy HippyTrucker Snap BacktwitterUrban CamouflageUrban GreyUrban GreyValentine's DayValentine's DayValentine's Day 2015Valentine's Day 2015Valentines Day 2015Valentines Day 2015Vanoss GamingVanoss GamingVanoss GamingVanoss GamingVanossGaming GTAVVanossGaming GTAVVanossGaming GTAVVanossGaming GTAVVanossGaming GTAVVault-Tec: One 11Vault-Tec: One 11Vault-Tec: One 11Vault-Tec: One 11VolcomVolcomVolcomWhiteWhite Angry BirdsWhite Carbon CrushWhite Carbon CrushWhite Crazy SkullzWhite Crazy SkullzWhite DragonWhite DragonWhite DragonWhite Limited EditionWhite PredatorWhite PredatorWhite PredatorWhite Thumbsticks + Torx T8 SecurityWhite Tiger CamoWhite Tiger CamoWhite TrollfaceWhite TrollfaceWhite TrollfaceWhite TrollfaceWhite ZombiesWhite ZombiesWhite ZombiesWhite ZombiesWhiteout EditionWhiteout EditionWii U ProWildstyle LimeWildstyle LimeWildstyle LimeWildstyle LimeWoodlandWoodland CamoWrite A ReviewX-WingX-WingX-WingX-WingXBOX 360 & XBOX OneXbox 360 - AvengerXbox 360 - Blood Money DealXbox 360 - Blue Tiger DealXbox 360 - Blue Trollface DealXbox 360 - Digital RedXbox 360 - Digital Yellow DealXbox 360 - Fading Skulls DealXbox 360 - Fall Camo Red DealXbox 360 - Ganja DealXbox 360 - Green Tiger DealXbox 360 - Green Zombies DealXbox 360 - Purple Tiger DealXbox 360 - Red Tiger DealXbox 360 - Red Trollface DealXbox 360 - Red Zombies DealXbox 360 - Silver Carbon DealXbox 360 - Trippy Hippy DealXbox 360 - White Carbon Crush DealXbox 360 - White Predator DealXbox 360 - White Tiger DealXbox 360 - White Trollface DealXbox 360 - Yellow Splatter DealXbox 360 AccessoriesXbox 360 Controller StandXbox 360 Custom Controller CaseXbox 360 Custom ControllersXBOX 360 ModsXbox 360 PC AdapterXbox 360 SupportXbox Live 2-Day PassXBOX One & PS4 - SteampunkXbox One AccessoriesXbox One Controller StandXbox One Custom Controller CaseXbox One Custom ControllersXbox One Elite Blood SplatterXbox One Elite Blue SplatterXbox One Elite Controller - Component KitXbox One Elite Digital ArmyXbox One Elite Digital TanXbox One Elite Digital WoodlandXbox One Elite Green SplatterXbox One Elite LimitedXbox One Elite MulticamXbox One Elite Orange SplatterXbox One Elite PatriotXbox One Elite PlayaXbox One Elite Purple SplatterXbox One Elite RastaXbox One Elite Red SplatterXbox One Elite VanossXbox One Elite Yellow SplatterXbox One Elite: AfrosenjuXbox One Elite: AsiimovXbox One Elite: AstromechXbox One Elite: Austin 2016Xbox One Elite: B-87 Ltd.Xbox One Elite: Black EmbersXbox One Elite: Cali KushXbox One Elite: Combo Breaker 2016Xbox One Elite: Dark ZoneXbox One Elite: EXO CAMOXbox One Elite: GhostsXbox One Elite: Legendary SpartanXbox One Elite: MCC-117Xbox One Elite: Nuke2065Xbox One Elite: Obsidian HexXbox One Elite: PayoutXbox One Elite: Retro RebelXbox One Elite: Stealth SpartanXbox One Elite: Subzero HexXbox One Elite: Task ForceXbox One Elite: Teal Pack-a-PunchXbox One Elite: The Ashen OneXbox One Elite: TIE FighterXbox One Elite: Trident 3-1Xbox One Elite: Vault-Tec One 11Xbox One Elite: X-WingXBOX One Modded Controllers XBOX One ModsXbox One SupportXbox360 Custom Controller Mail In ServiceYellow BirdsYellow Braided 10ft Micro USBYellow Crazy SkullzYellow Crazy SkullzYellow FallYellow FallYellow Mr. Nice GuyYellow SplatterYellow SplatterYellow Tiger CamoYellow Tiger CamoYellow ZombiesYellow ZombiesYouTube EditionYouTube EditionYouTube EditionYouTube EditionZebra FadeZebra FadeZebra FadeZebra FadeZexyZekZexyZekZexyZekZexyZekZombie Blood SplatterZombies Blood SplatterZombies Blood Splatter