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Controller Chaos Wants You


Controller Chaos is a leading manufacturer of customized and modded video game controllers. We strive to dominate the market and need quality, talented people to help get us there. Is that you? Learn more about our career openings by clicking the links below.

Working at controller chaos is awesome. Where else is “play call of duty” part of your job description? Our 2 building campus will allow you to enjoy premium benefits like water, a microwave, 2 bathrooms, and a chair to sit in.

Controller Chaos Wants You
Accounting Customer Service Web Designer R&D and Engineering Graphic Designer Human Resources Operations Paint Team Social Media / Marketing Technicians

CONTROLLER CHAOS is an equal opportunity employer. we reserve the right to screen, hire, and fire anybody we want. applicants may be subject to criminal background check, drug screen, and aptitude tests. For more information on missouri as a right to work state click the following link. Love, CC staff.