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Pro Series Performace

During development stages, opportunities arose for the addition of popular mods that are used in competition but executed with uniform precision, providing players, true tournament-ready experience. Every Pro Series TR edition comes equipped with Factory Shield Drop Calibration, Adjustable Snap Back and Vibration settings.

The Future of Smash Bros is here.

Original Specifications

Our exclusive, Pro Series: Nitnendo GameCube controller features a state of the art reproduction of the original GameCube motherboard, preserving all the attributes of the original controller.


The Pro Series: Nintendo GameCube controller is Tournament Ready and compatible with all Universal Controller Fix software, leveling the playing field! Melee or Ultimate, you will play to win.

Factory Calibrated Shield Drop

Our exclusive Factory Calibrated Shield Drop software enabling us calibrate each controller's Potentiometers after assembly. Every Pro Series controller comes with all this and more! To find out more, contact us at

What is rapid fire exactly?
In a nutshell rapid fire allows you to shoot your weapons at the maximum rate of fire the gun allows. This is accomplished by our exclusive rapid fire chip that is installed inside the controller.
How does rapid fire work?
Our technicians install the rapid fire chip inside the controller. The chip inside the controller simulates the triggers being pulled automatically at the highest rate the gun allows.
What type of games are modded controllers compatible with?
Our controllers are compatible with any first person shooters that feature single shot and semi-automatic weapons.
Which weapons does rapid fire work on?
Rapid fire is optimized for all single shot and semi-automatic weapons. It has no effect on fully automatic weapons other than it may reduce the recoil on certain automatic weapons by slowing the rate of fire.
Are modded controllers illegal?
Rapid fire has been around for several years and is not considered illegal. Microsoft is only concerned with modded consoles which allow people to play pirated games.
What if there is a patch released to block rapid fire?
The way rapid fire works is that the chip inside the controller is simulating the triggers being pulled at the fastest rate the gun allows. There is no way to completely block or patch rapid fire.
Can I get banned on XBOX Live for using a modded controller?
Absolutely not! All our controllers are fully undetectable online. There is no communication between XBOX Live and our modded controller.

Our controllers are fully compatible with the latest FPS (first person shooters) on the market including popular titles such as Call of Duty: WW2, Destiny 2, Battlefield 1, Halo: Master Chief Collection and many more!

3 stars based on 2 reviews 
I would recommend to a friend
Not quite what I was expecting... 3 While the overall feel of the controller is great, it doesn't look quite as good as I thought it would. First of all, the pattern isn't as noticeable as it is on the website. It is barely visible unless viewed at the correct angle, and even then it isn't as complex looking. As for the stripes, they are an even brighter yellow than the C Stick, whereas the website shows them to be more of a gold color. Lastly, the yellow stripe is thinner than what was shown. While I do like the controller, I feel like the end product doesn't live up to what was promised, especially considering how much it costs. Pictures of the controller here:
Pros:The Emblem
Feels Great with Glossy Finish
Cons:Colors and Patterns
9 of 11 found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes / No
I would recommend to a friend
I Bought the marth controller 3 The marth controller is brighter in color when you hold it than the picture.
There are small specs of paint that makes the controller look hand crafted. The controller feels a bit used but I'm not sure what to think of that.
Pros:There's no other controller like mine. Great to play smash with
Cons:Some may be similar. Feels used
7 of 8 found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes / No

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